Twenty-six years of produce experience, a philosophy built around hard work and honesty, and a belief that prevention is the key to great health are the elements that come together to form Harvest Crate.

Founded by Brett and Stacy Puckett in 2011, Harvest Crate makes the “original fast food” more accessible by delivering the high-quality, fresh produce to your office, home, or school.

We believe smart snacking comes down to access, and the first step to making healthy choices in the workplace, classroom or even at home, is availability. When faced with delicious, nutritious choices, your employees and students will choose fresh fruit that comes in a “natural wrapper” versus sugar and salt that’s been window-dressed for easy vending. The benefits that fresh fruit provides your mind and body are too valuable to miss, especially when they’re just a phone call or mouse click away.


Our team brings more than 100 years of retail and food service experience. We operate a nearly 50,000-square-foot refrigerated space, and run our own fifteen-truck fleet for prompt, ready delivery. Everything we stock is under one roof, carefully monitored until delivery. We have six rooms devoted to bananas alone, where freshness is controlled and maintained right up to delivery.

But it all comes down to quality produce.

forklift_iconTrucks We own and operate a fifteen-truck fleet for prompt delivery nationwide.

crate_iconRefrigerated Space Our facility has nearly 50,00 square foot of refrigerated space.